Musician Biography

Singing Ian Gillan’s challenging legendary soaring vocal lines as well as a long time love for the music and lyrics of ‘Deep Purple’ is what brought Hark to ‘Highway Star’. Hark, who is also the frontman for his own metal band ‘Enforcer’, has more than 15 years experience as a vocalist, guitarist and bass player.

Casey started playing guitar at a young age when he heard Ritchie Blackmore play on a ‘Deep Purple’ album. Through many years of playing in a variety of bands Casey has become a virtuoso guitar player. His deep respect for Ritchie Blackmore’s playing has led him to perfect the Deep Purple guitar sound note for note.

A piano and keyboard player from an early age, Doug has always loved playing ‘Deep Purple’ and has toured with many professional bands over the years. Now playing in his ‘Dream band’, his attention to detail in capturing the look and sound of Jon Lord continues to amaze audiences wherever ‘Highway Star’ plays.

Ross’s high level of skill and wealth of experience help to bring ‘Deep Purple’s’ music to life. He remembers learning how to play bass by listening to the music of Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper and Deep Purple, though he says” Purple was always my favorite!” Emulating the intricate and melodic bass and vocal lines of ‘Deep Purple’ is a challenge Ross meets flawlessly.

The highly skilled precision drumming of Nando is the foundation of Highway Star’s sound. Schooled and with two decades of experience Nando easily captures every beat and nuance of Ian Paice’s phenomenal drumming. Nando has played in numerous rock bands and the mastery of his chosen instrument shows through on every classic ‘Deep Purple’ song.